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Criteria to qualify for the Southwest Iowa Mental Health Court

Admission Criteria: 

Eligible Diagnosis

Schizophrenia Spectrum; Bipolar and Related Disorders; Depressive Disorders and Anxiety Disorders (not solely resulting from substance abuse); Trauma and Related Disorders; Dissociative Disorder (primary diagnosis of substance abuse and addiction disorders; personality disorders or paraphilic disorders are excluded)

Risk Assessment

In addition to the limitations above, it is the not the intention to admit offenders with high risk of significant violence as this is a community based program.  Offenders who possess, use, or display weapons are at high risk for exclusion.  Applicants who currently or in the past have caused serious or extensive injury to another will be excluded.  Persons who possess, use, or display a firearm will be excluded.  Current charges as well as past history will be used to determine violence risk.  Past history may include other crimes; history as provided by applicant; applicant’s family or treatment provider; number and frequencies of hospitalizations; non-compliance with treatment including aggression toward treatment providers.

This page was printed from the Southwest Iowa Mental Health & Disability Services Region on May 20, 2022. For the latest information, visit swiamhds.org.

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