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posted July 27, 2021

The region is excited to be working with our provider partners in developing several new services that will be available to residents of our region.  Please find below the most recent update regarding service development.  If you have questions regarding the content of this update, please feel free to send an email inquiry to the region at:    

Crisis Stabilization Community-Based Services

The region has contracted with Heartland Family Service (HFS) to provide Crisis Stabilization Community-Based Services (CSCBS) in our region.  CSCBS is a short term community focused crisis service for individuals who are in a mental health crisis, however do not require inpatient mental health treatment.  It is similar to the residential based crisis stabilization service, however occurs where the individual is located in their community.  Individuals receive CSCBS services including, but not limited to psychiatric services, medication, counseling, referrals, peer support, and linkage to ongoing services.  Duration is expected to be less than five days.  HFS has hired a team leader for the program and is working on hiring for other needed positions.  They are approved through Medicaid to provide the service.  Once staff are hired, they will be trained and then can begin providing the service.


Crisis Stabilization Residential Services (Children)

The region has contracted with Children’s Square, USA to provide a Crisis Stabilization Residential Service (CSRS) for children in our region.  CSRS is a short term residential program for individuals in a mental health crisis who are not needing inpatient level of care.  Typical stay for the program is 3-5 days and the goal is to stabilize the individual and reintegrate back into the community. Children’s Square is working on necessary repairs to their physical space in order to provide the program, and is also working on hiring staff.   


Rural Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

The region has contracted with Heartland Family Service (HFS) to develop a rural based ACT program.  Our goal is that ACT will be available to individuals in all nine counties of the region.  HFS has several years of experience already in providing ACT through their Pottawattamie County based program.  ACT is a program of comprehensive, integrated outpatient services provided in the community by a multidisciplinary team under the supervision of a psychiatrist.  Individuals in the program have a severe and persistent mental illness or complex mental health symptomology.  HFS has posted the team leader position for their rural ACT program and is also working to hire additional staff.   


Intensive Residential Services (IRS)

The region is in collaboration with Rolling Hills Community Services Region and the Managed Care Organizations in developing Intensive Residential Services (IRS).  At this time, planning centers on a location in the Sioux City area for this service. The purpose of IRS is to provide a continuum of services and supports to adults with complex mental health and multi-occurring needs, who need a high level of intensive and specialized support.  Services are community based and are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Please stay tuned for further updates on service development!


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