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Cass • Fremont • Harrison • Mills • Monona • Montgomery • Page • Pottawattamie • Shelby
May 15, 2024
1:30pm to 3:00pm
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Presented by Kimerly Cavalier

Join us in learning how we can build resilience in our personal and professional ives.  We will learn and discuss how: 

  • Physical Activity,
  • Getting a Good Night's Sleep, 
  • Social Connectedness, 
  • Volunteering and Purpose, 
  • Embracing Positive Attitude
  • Relaxation Techniques

All work together and can help us deal with compassional fatigue, burnout, and other concerns that impact our resilience and wellbeing.

Join us as we work on developing real ideas and techniques to help build your resilience and self care. 

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Sponsored by: Green Hills AEA, Southwest Iowa Mental Health Disability Region, Thriving Families Alliance

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Erika Kirchhoff
(712) 256-9920
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