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Early ACCESS is Iowa's system of Early Intervention under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. It is available to eligible infants and toddlers from birth up to age three who: have a health or physical condition that may affect his or her growth and development or have a developmental delay in his or her ability to play, think, talk, or move. Early ACCESS providers get to know a family's daily activities, routines, priorities, and hopes for their child. Together, service providers and caregivers plan and practice interventions that can be used throughout the day in routines and activities that the family already does. Providers support families by coaching them to help their child learn and grow. The more children are able to practice skills, the more their development is being supported. A Service Coordinator is also assigned to every eligible family. They are able to support families, identify, access, and make referrals to community resources (e.g., medical providers, food assistance, utility assistance); help families access and apply for Medicaid and disability waivers and social security disability, if needed. They explain parental rights and the process of the Early ACCESS eligibility evaluation and plan development. They coordinate all Early ACCESS services and can help you talk through a problem to help you find a solution!

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