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posted July 20, 2020

Southwest Iowa MHDS Region recently re-structured both their Adult and Children’s Advisory Committees with the approval of the Region’s Governing Board. Due to the restructuring, additional members were added to both committees. The selections were based on the individual’s advisory committee application and qualifications for this position. The Region would like to thank these individuals for applying and volunteering their time for this very important position. Below are the current new member of both committees.

Children's Advisory Committee Members

  • Kathy Hanafan
    Representation: Education System
    Agency: Green Hills AEA
  • Scott Halverson
    Representation: Behavioral Health Provider
    Agency: CHI Health
  • Tarah Devlin-Lawler
    Representation: Early Child Advocate / Child Warfare
    Agency: West Central Community Action
  • Melissa Nation
    Representation: Child Welfare
    Agency: DHS
  • Ryan McCormick
    Representation: Juvenile Court
    Agency: 4th Judicial District
  • Tara Goodman
    Representation: Parent
  • Ashley Harlow
    Representation: Pediatrician
    Agency: Children's Hospital Pediatrics
  • Debbie Orduna
    Representation: Child Care Provider
    Agency: Children's Square USA

Adult Advisory Committee Members

  • Barb Belstene
    Representation: Individual
  • Scott Halverson
    Representation: Provider MI
    Agency: CHI Health
  • Jessica Duncan
    Representation: Provider MI
    Agency: Angels Care Home Health
  • Jessica Johanns
    Representation: Provider DD
    Agency: League of Human Dignity
  • Sherrie McDonald
    Representation: Provider MI
    Agency: Connections AAA
  • Jamie Gross
    Representation: Provider ID/MI
    Agency: CWI
  • Chrissy Marsh
    Representation: Provider MI
    Agency: Waubonsie CMHC
  • Berneeta Wagoner
    Representation: Individual
    Agency: Southeast Iowa Families

In addition, members of these advisory committees were also appointed to have representation on the Southwest Iowa MHDS Region Governing Board.

Governing Board Appointments

  • Tara Goodman: Parent of a Child with a SED Diagnosis (voting member)
  • Kathy Hanafan: Education Representative (voting member)
  • Scott Halverson: Children’s Behavioral Health Provider (non-voting member)
  • Berneeta Wagoner: Adult individual or Involved Family Member Representative (voting member)

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