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Cass • Fremont • Harrison • Mills • Monona • Montgomery • Page • Pottawattamie • Shelby
November 8, 2023
3:00pm to 5:00pm
Registration Required
3 Part Series- attend one or all
Third-Party Event

Stress is an unavoidable part of life. However, there remains a broad lack of understanding of how to respond effectively to diffuse emotional and behavioral disruption, protect mental health, and cultivate overall well-being. In recent years, scientists have gained a significant understanding of the biology of stress, how it affects the body, and what is truly helpful for navigating challenges and supporting mental health. This workshop will incorporate the latest evidence-based strategies to help you understand the body’s built-in stress responses and how we can work with the body’s design to help ourselves, and others move toward calm, safety, and healing.

This is session one of a three-part series. Register for all three today!

Unlocking Resilience: Why Bodies Get Stuck in Stress And What We Can Do About It. 3 Part Series.

Cancellation Policy

It is our goal to provide trainings as scheduled. If a training is cancelled for any reason the region will attempt to email registered participants as well as post the change on the trainings page of the region website.

The region is committed to providing quality training experiences. When a registered participant does not attend it often prevents another participant from having the opportunity. Please call us at 712-328- 5645 by 12:00 pm the day prior to the training if needed to cancel a registration. If the training is on a Monday please contact us by 12 pm on Friday. If the aforementioned notice is not given you will be charged a minimum of $25.00 (this includes trainings with no registration fee).

Registration Required
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